Question: Can you kayak in a national wildlife refuge?

Exploring a refuge by canoe or kayak combines adventure with physical activity and an intimacy with nature that’s hard to beat. Whether you navigate on your own or take a guided trip, bring your own boat or rent one, many refuges make wonderful paddling destinations.

What activities are allowed in a national wildlife refuge?

What Can You do on a Refuge?

  • Environmental education. …
  • Interpretation. …
  • Photography. …
  • Wildlife observation. …
  • Hunting. …
  • Fishing.

What can you not do in a wildlife refuge?

No horses, all terrain vehicles, motorcycles, or dirt bikes are allowed on the refuge. Disturbing or collecting any plant or animal is prohibited. Looking for and/or collecting artifacts is not allowed. Pets are allowed on the refuge, but must be kept on a leash and under control of the owner at all times.

Can you kayak in Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge?

7 answers. You cannot kayak there, but across the street from the entrance is a boat launch, and you can launch there. Once you launch go to the left, and the river/canal goes along the edge of Montezuma, allowing you to see many birds that would be in the refuge.

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Can you kayak in Seney National Wildlife Refuge?

Paddling the Manistique River is a nice way to spend your day at the Seney National Wildlife Refuge. This beautiful 13 mile section of the refuge is open to canoeing and kayaking during daylight hours. … Canoeing and kayaking, also known as paddling, offer visitors an alternate way to see the refuge.

Can you fish in national wildlife refuges?

Fishing is available at 343 national wildlife refuges, 35 wetland management districts, 19 national fish hatcheries and other U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service lands and waters. All refuges, hatcheries and other Fish and Wildlife Service lands follow state and federal regulations. Fishing programs change frequently.

Can you hunt on a national wildlife refuge?

Americans have the opportunity to hunt and fish on public lands managed by the Department of the Interior as part of the Department’s multiple-use policy. There are 75 areas managed by the National Park Service that permit hunting.

Is hunting allowed in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge?

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is rich in wildlife, especially during the brief, productive summer months. It supports sport hunting by visitors as well as subsistence hunting by local rural residents. … Visitors are also attracted to the refuge to hunt, primarily for caribou, Dall sheep and grizzly bear.

Are dogs allowed at Ridgefield wildlife Refuge?

Leave Pets at Home Please

The prohibition of pets is to reduce disturbance to wildlife and habitat and make your viewing experience better. The presence of dogs, even when leashed, can scare wildlife away from the trail. … Non-service dogs are permitted on the auto tour route, but must remain in the vehicle at all times.

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Can you kayak at Montezuma?

Although paddling in Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge is restricted, the portion of this excursion on the Cayuga-Seneca Canal/Seneca River skirts its entire eastern side, giving us ample chance to see wildlife up close.

What kind of fish are in the Manistique River?

Recreation. Because the Manistique River is relatively slow and flat through much of its length, it is a favorite for novice-to-intermediate-level canoeists and kayakers. Fishing for bass, pike, and walleye is popular. A small population of trout challenges anglers.

Where is the Manistique River?

The Manistique River is located in Schoolcraft County in Michigan’s central Upper Peninsula. The river flows southwest through the county and discharges into Lake Michigan at the city of Manistique.