How can unwanted cell phones be recycled?

1. Take It to a Recycler. Plenty of nonprofit organizations and local communities offer options to help you recycle old electronics. One group, Call2Recycle, offers drop-off locations for rechargeable batteries and cell phones all over the U.S. To find a location, just enter your ZIP code at

How cell phones are recycled?

One method of recycling cell phones is to take the working parts of broken phones and combine them with the working parts of other used cell phones to make one ready-to-use cell phone. The rebuilt phone can then be sent back into circulation without ever needing newly manufactured parts or natural resources.

How used cell phones are collected and recycled?

Phones that are too old or faulty to be resold are gathered in pallets and sold to recyclers, which take the devices apart and sort valuable resources from rubbish. This both reduces the demand for new phones and prevents harmful substances from being released into the environment.

Can you throw away an old phone?

If your phone is not in good enough condition to donate, do not simply throw it in the trash. Phones contain toxic chemicals that, when a phone is placed in a landfill, may ultimately leach into groundwater and poison the water in surrounding areas. … If recycling your phone is not an option, you may discard it.

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How much of a phone can be recycled?

Thanks to innovative technologies up to 80% of materials used in cell phones can be recycled and reused. Recycling helps us all by: Conserving the environment. Cell phones contain hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and brominated flame retardants.

What materials can be recycled from a mobile phone?

Materials recovered

  • Glass is used in the touch screen of a mobile phone. …
  • Aluminium is used in a mobile phone casing and components. …
  • A small amount of valuable metals including gold, silver, palladium, platinum and copper can be found on a mobile phone circuit board.

How do you destroy a phone’s hard drive?

You can use the hammer to smash the components of your phone and it is recommended to drill holes through the internal pieces to ensure no one could read the information on it. For a complete destruction, remove the memory card and SIM card, and then wipe the phone completely.

How do you destroy cell phone data?

For Android devices, open up the Settings app then tap System > Advanced > Reset options, and then Erase all data (factory reset). Over on iOS, the equivalent option is in the Settings app under General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

How do you dispose of mobile phones?

Alternatively, donate them to a charity who can earn money by selling them in bulk for recycling. Or just take the old handsets to a civic amenity site (look at your local authority’s website for locations) or WEEE recycling point (there’s a helpful map on, to be recycled with the electrical items.

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Which metals can be recovered from mobile phones?

Smartphones are pocket-sized vaults of precious metals and rare earths. A typical iPhone is estimated to house around 0.034g of gold, 0.34g of silver, 0.015g of palladium and less than one-thousandth of a gram of platinum.

What percentage of smartphones are recycled?

A recent survey by Nokia covering 13 countries suggests that, although only 4% of users’ old mobiles are actually thrown away and wasted on landfill, still less are actually recycled. The vast unsung majority are left at home and forgotten about – 44% of old phones are just laying around people’s homes.