How do you recycle Starbucks coffee pods Australia?

Use a bulk recycling box to collect capsules on behalf of your workplace or community. Drop off your used capsules at your nearest participating florist or garden drop-off centre. Order your Nespresso Australia Post satchel and return it via Australia Post once it’s full.

How do you dispose of Starbucks coffee pods?


You can return your used Starbucks® by Nespresso® capsules to your nearest Nespresso Recycling Points. Alternatively, you may also Contact us at the below hotlines for any Starbucks® by Nespresso® questions on 1800 836 7300 for more information.

Can Starbucks coffee pods be recycled?

Households across the UK can now recycle their Nespresso, NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto, Tassimo, L’OR and Starbucks at Home coffee pods using one recycling scheme. ‘Podback’ is a first of its kind recycling programme for coffee pods set up by Nestlé and Jacobs Douwe Egberts UK.

How do you recycle coffee pods in Australia?

Take the coffee pods to your nearest Nespresso Boutique. Drop off the pods at one of the 19,000 participating collection points across Australia. Post the capsules back to Nespresso using the prepaid Australia Post Recycling Satchel.

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How do you dispose of coffee pods?


Aluminium. You won’t find a speck of plastic in sight. That means they are fully recyclable and can go in your usual household recycling (yes, even the top lid). You may wish to brush out any residue coffee grounds beforehand.

Can used coffee pods be recycled?

COFFEE pods are technically 100% recyclable. … You might think you’re “doing the right thing” by placing your plastic or aluminium pods into your recycling bin – because in most cases the box says you can, but they’re ultimately ending up in landfill anyway.

How do you recycle plastic coffee pods?

Drop Off. Order coffee pods bags to drop off at participating Collect+ locations. Simply fill your Podback recycling bag with used pods and take to your nearest Collect+ store.

How do you compost compostable coffee pods?

Put compostable coffee pods into your black cart as garbage. Coffee grounds inside the pod can be put in your green cart for composting.

What coffee capsules are recyclable?

Some plastic capsules, such as mixed plastic ones by Nestle’s Nescafé Dolce Gusto, are recyclable. L’Or Tassimo plastic capsules are recyclable, but have to be dropped off at some 180 public drop-off locations around the UK.

Does Aldi recycle coffee pods?

Aldi also offers a recycling service through Terracycle. There is also a recycling program available for other generic pods as well. On another note, Terracycle run numerous free recycling programs for many household items, including beauty products, oral hygiene products and parcel packaging.

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Can you recycle Vittoria coffee pods?

Are your coffee capsules recyclable? … The used ground coffee can actually be an excellent addition to a compost pile. The grinds provide bacteria with the energy they need to turn organic matter into compost.