You asked: Which of the following is considered as an indicator of environmental pollution?

Most of the physical pollution indicators are applicable in a wide variety of ecosystems from local to regional to national levels. They include temperature, color, odor, aggregate stability, available water capacity, bulk density, infiltration rate, slaking, crusts, structure, and macro-pores.

Which of the following is considered as an indicator of environmental?

One subset of environmental indicators is the collection of ecological indicators which can include physical, biological and chemical measures such as atmospheric temperature, the concentration of ozone in the stratosphere or the number of breeding bird pairs in an area.

Which of the following is indicator of pollution?

Lichens are the indicators of air pollution. Lichens are the association between fungi and algae.

What are the 4 environmental indicators?

biological diversity, food production, average global surface temperature and carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere, human population, and resource depletion. These key environmental indicators help us analyze the health of the planet.

What are the 5 environmental indicators?

Five important global-scale environmental indicators are biological diversity, food production, average global surface temperature and atmospheric CO concentrations, human population, and resource depletion. Define sustainability and explain how it can be measured using the ecological footprint.

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What is indicator organism of water pollution?

A common indicator organism of water pollution is Escherichia coli. Escherichia coli is transmitted to water bodies through fecal matter. Detection of Escherichia coli in water bodies indicates that the water is contaminated with fecal matter and is not suitable for drinking.

How many environmental indicators are there?

The United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) uses environmental indicators to collect global environmental statistics around 10 indictor themes, including air and climate, biodiversity, energy and minerals, forests, inland water resources, land and agriculture, marine and coastal areas, natural disasters, and waste.

What are environmental indices and indicators?

An environmental index is the combination of multiple sources of information (i.e., indicators of ecological responses) about an environmental system (e.g., a stream) from potentially varying attributes of that system (e.g., instream processes, ecological processes, species richness, riparian vegetation, etc.).

Which are the environmental indicators of the development?

Environmental indicators are very important indicators as development should not take place at the cost of environment. It includes those that monitor aspects such as water quality, water availability, rate of deforestation, soil erosion, and existence and quality of habitats.

What are the indicators of air pollution?

Lichens are well known as sensitive indicators of air pollution, particularly for sulfur dioxide. In part, this is related to their unique biology.

What are the indicators of environmental sustainability?

The Driver indicators under the SDGs represent the growing focus of societal development on increasing efficiency/intensity in energy use, water use, CO2 emissions, nitrogen and phosphorus use.

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