Your question: What climatic conditions are required for growing tea Class 10?

Tea requires a temperature ranging from 21°C to 29°C. Tea grows well in the regions which receive rainfall in between 150-200 cm. The soil should be well drained. However, stagnant water damages the tea crops.

What are climatic conditions needed for growing tea Class 10?

(i) Temperature : The tea plant grows well in tropical and sub tropical climate. Tea bushes require warm and moist, frost-free climate all through the year. Tea bushes need temperature of more than 25°C. (ii) Rainfall : Tea plant needs heavy rainfall ranging between 150 cm to 250 cm.

What climatic conditions are required for growing tea?

In its wild state, tea grows best in regions which enjoy a warm, humid climate with a rainfall measuring at least 100 centimetres a year. Ideally, it likes deep, light, acidic and well-drained soil. Given these conditions, tea will grow in areas from sea level up to altitudes as high as 2,100 metres above sea level.

What are the climatic conditions required for the growth of sugarcane Class 10?

Sugarcane is a tropical plant, therefore, requires a year warm weather to reach maturity. The areas having temperature of 20° to 26°C and an average rainfall of 150 cm are suitable for its cultivation. … Much sunshine is required, particularly at the end of the growing season, to produce cane with high sugar content.

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What are the conditions required for cultivation of tea and coffee in India?

It needs highly fertile well-drained soil , rich in humus and organic matter. It also requires a warm and non- frosty climate throughout the year. It requires a cheap and skilled labour in abundance . It is majorly grown in Darjeeling, Assam West bengal , etc.

Which of the following condition is not required for tea cultivation?

Stagnation of water is not good for tea plants. Heavy rainfall but no stagnancy of water, such mountain slopes are good for tea cultivation. The correct option is A.

Which conditions are necessary for growth?

Water, oxygen and nutrients are very essential elements for growth.